Atuabo, Ghana Gas: CIT planned and supervised a complex lift for SinoPec at their construction site in Atuabo. Senior Engineer Phil Coggin and Godwin Awadzi were tasked with tandem lifting and turning the deethanizer (145t, 35m tall) and debutanizer (45t, 31m tall). The main lift crane was a Kobelco with a 48m boom. Prior to the lift the team inspected every element of lifting equipment including all slings and shackles; they thereafter performed a test lift of 145t. The first actual lift was performed with the 300MT tail crane which placed the first tank. Two days later (having to wait for wind and rain conditions to improve) the second tank was positioned and secured.

“Let me thank you profusely for the magnificent performance by yourself, and indeed Godwin for the lift and place of the vessels at the gas plant. It must be said that CIT operated in “extreme conditions”. The CEO of Ghana Gas, the end user, and visiting ministers were suitably impressed.” Bill Flynn, JMI

  • Syama Mine: Mali

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  • Ghana Gas: Atuabo

    Ghana Gas: Atuabo

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  • SAM_1410

    Boat Loading: Ghana/Liberia

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    Forklift Training: Accra, Ghana

    Testing Excerpt Vodafone Training

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