Lift Supervision

At CIT we eat, drink and sleep cranes. Our team of inspectors include experienced crane operators, as well as senior operator trainers, and so are sticklers for best practice. This makes them ideal consultants when planning a critical lift. When it comes to preserving life and limb during critical lifts it is always worthwhile to consult with us before choosing a direction for your lift.


Lift Planning

Tell us what you need, and we will work out a complete lift strategy for you. Read about some of our complicated lifts here.

Calibrated Load Testing

Establishing the exact load a certain crane set up can take is naturally critical to planning a lift. This service can be provided on its own, or in tandem with lift planning and supervision. We provide both services on request.

Load testing has two aspects:

1. Checking the structural integrity of the crane
2. Verifying the load indicators and electronic safety devices

Certified load cells in stock for load testing static and mobile cranes.

Lift Supervision

Some clients – especially those located off-site, welcome hands-off supervision to cast an independent eye over certain critical lift or lifting processes. We provide a qualified Appointed Person to oversee lifting practices on a case-by-case basis.