Overhead Crane Inspection

Types of Equipment covered include:

-Overhead Travelling Crane
- Underslung Travelling Crane
- Single Girder Overhead Crane
- Double Girder Overhead Crane
- Goliath Crane
- Jib Crane
- Pedestal Crane

General Benefits:

- Statutory compliance: It is quite simply illegal to operate a crane that is not certified.
- Various Global Standards: We can certify overhead cranes across all major international standards
- Insurance Compliance: Machine and Public Liability Insurers insist on yearly certification.
- In addition to compliance the thorough annual inspection is also a very good “snap shot” of your fleet
- Thorough annual inspections reveal the state of the maintenance of the overhead crane and any lack of operator skills
- Thorough annual inspections increase reliability of the overhead crane
- Improve the overhead cranes’ up-time
- Reduce accidents and unplanned downtime and expense.

Specific Areas Checked include:

- Hooks
- Brakes
- Trolley & Travel
- Safety Systems e.g travel alarms, over hoist limits, brakes and emergency stops.

The thorough annual inspection will include a functional load test.
We can perform rated load tests on request.

A final report will be issued identifying any deficiencies (if present) and recommendations. All overhead cranes that pass inspection receive a certificate valid for 12 months.