Rigger/Banksman Training


Student Materials:

Rigger/Banksman Operator Training Manual
Supplemental Handouts and Related Materials

Types of Equipment Covered

Wire Rope Slings
Alloy Steel Chain Slings
Wire Mesh Slings
Fiber Rope Slings
Synthetic Web Slings
Rigging Attachments
Equilizer Beams and Speader Bars
Below the Hook Lifting Devices


Numerate / Literate ( There is an option for a verbal test)
Pass Mark required for both Theory and Practical is 75%
Course duration is three days
Refresher course duration is two days.
Certificate subject to renewal every two years.

Standards Covered

ANSI /ASME B30.9 -Slings
ANSI /ASME B30.10 - Hooks
ANSI /ASME B30.26 -Rigging Hardware

Topics Covered

Weight Calculations
Center of Gravity Determinations
Effect of Sling Angles
D/d Ration Considerations
Sling Selection
Sling and Rigging Equipment Inspections
Hitch Selections and Applications
Rigging Accidents and Preventions -Case Study
Record Keeping Requirements
Classroom Rigging Problems
Sling Capacities
Basic Crane Terminologies
Hand signals

Examination and Certificates

Written and Practical exercises are given to each attendee.

A CIT Ghana Certificate of Completion is issued to each attendee who successfully
completes the course of instruction.