Mobile Crane Operator Training

Student Materials:

Mobile Crane Operator Training Manual
Supplemental Handouts and Related Materials

Types of Equipment Covered

All Terrain Cranes
Rough Terrain Cranes
Locomotive Crane
Pick and Carry Cranes


Valid Driver's License
Certified Rigger Training (CIT RT course or equivalent)
Numerate / Literate
Pass Mark required for both Theory and Practical is 75%
Course duration is Five to Ten days depending on experience
Refresher course duration is five days.
Certificate subject to renewal every two years.

Standards Covered

OSHA Cranes and derricks -29 CFR Part 1926.1400
ABSI /ASME B30.5 - Mobile and Locomotive Cranes
ANSI /ASME B30.9 -Slings
ANSI /ASME B30.10 - Hooks
ANSI /ASME B30.26 -Rigging Hardware
BSI standards
LOLER and PUWER regulations

Topics Covered

Terminology and Definitions
Operator Qualifications, Responsibilities and Conduct
Machine Selection
Safe and Efficient Operating Techniques
Operator Crane Inspection Responsibilities
Proper Crane Set -up
Boom Assembly and Disassembly
Installation of Wire Rope
Reeving Techniques
Use of Hand Signals
Load Chart Interpretations
Rigging Applications
Planning a Lift
Field Operations Training
Equipment Maintenance
Common Causes of Crane Accidents
Crane Suspended Personnel Platforms
Principals of Craneing
Power Line Harzards and Avoidance

Examination and Certificates

Written and Practical exercises are given to each attendee.

A CIT Ghana Certificate of Completion is issued to each attendee who successfully
completes the course of instruction.