Syama Mine: Mali

Senior Engineer, Phil Coggin, was flown – as the only passenger of a chartered flight - by our customer Resolute Mining to their Syama mine in Mali to provide lift planning and supervision services for a construction project there.

The construction - a giant chimney – is a rather unusual construction on a mine site; the Syama mine has a special process where the ore is roasted before processing through the CIL tanks.

The chimney had a total height of 74m. The crane – a GROVE GMK 6300 – was hired from Global Construction Afrique – had a 54m boom plus a 35m fixed jib giving us a total length of 89m. The lower sections were built in 12m lengths, then the higher lengths in 6m sections weighing in at 6t each with a 2m cap at 2.4t. Tip height was 91m and we were working at 20m radius.

We are pleased to report that the lift was flawless.